About Us


          It is utmost important to keep your culture and traditions ALIVE! You pass these values along to your children and then children's children and so on and so fourth. Hence, clothing is the ultimate way to express pride in your culture and/or traditions so to speak. Nevertheless, when celebrations such as concerts, weddings, henna parties and so on come about, AfgClassics Afghan Ethnic clothing fits any and every occasion right on the dot.

The colors, the style, the fit and the overall appearance of AfgClassics is absolutely breath taking and one of a kind. Fortunately, Afghans have beautiful and indescribable taste when it comes specifically to fashion and clothing. The traditional afghan clothing (afghan dress for women and perahan tunban for men) line we have procured and designed throughout the years have become very popular fashionable favorite for Afghans, and even Americans. Established in 2008 we are currently the nations largest importer/distributor for Afghan Clothing & Nomadic Jewelry such as the Kuchi's, Turkmens, and Baluchis. AfgClassics Dresses is different, one of a kind and the prices are unbeatable. When it comes to quality over quantity, you have come to the right place.  Please feel free to email us at our Contact Us page with any questions. Follow us on Instagram, or Like our page on Facebook for deals and coupons.

To all of you, from all of us at AFGClassics - Thank you and Happy Shopping!


Venus and Mostafa