Help and FAQs


If for any reason you encounter any issues on our website please give us a call 818-835-2348



  • What size are your Afghan Dresses?
    Our Afghan Dresses are a one size fits most, meaning our dresses have two straps towards the lower back of the dress so that you can tie according to your size. Our dresses are imported from Afghanistan, some customers may need a seamstress to customize it to there personal preference. Here is a video of how it works the straps works: Afghan Dress Size Video
  • What is my shipping costs? 
    Your shipping costs for anywhere in the world can be estimated, when you add the product to your shopping cart, and visit the shopping cart page. The right side of the page will have a drop down menu called "Estimate Shipping and Tax" select your country and/or zipcode and it will give you an estimation after you click "Get a Quote". 
  • Can I order over the phone? 
    Yes, you can give us a call within our working hours 10am-5pm PST, and we will take your order.
  • When do you get new dresses?
    We usually get shipments every 30 days, however this may vary specially on Holiday periods.
  • Why is the color different than what I received?
    This depends on your computers resolution and output, we do not filter any of our images. All our images are taken under fluorescent lights.
  • Can I get a discount?
    Yes you can get a discount, but there is criteria that you would need to meet. You first have to have over $300 in your shopping cart, once you do the system will automatically generate a free shipping discount during your checkout.
  • How long does it take for my package to arrive to the UK?
    That all depends on what method you choose for your package to arrive. In fact, this is to all International shipments, we currently have two methods of shipment to international customers, please visit our
    Shipping Options page for shipping time, and methods.
  • Can I custom order a dress? 
    Absolutley, but keep in mind, our dresses are made in Afghanistan and not in Los Angeles it will take anywhere from 30-40 days. Also, dresses that are custom made are not refundable, we take a 50% deposit, and charge the remaining 50% once arrived to us in Los Angeles prior to shipment. Our refund policy does not apply to custom ordered dresses. 
  • The Jewelry I ordered doesn't fit me? (Ring, Cuff, Earring)
    We understand that some of these items are not a one size fits all, like our dresses. However, it is your repsonsibility to re-size, re-shape, or adjust it to your own personal preference. It may be best to take it to a local jeweler that can adjust this for you. Our jewelery is non - refundable. 
  • How long does a Pre-Order take to arrive? 
    Because we import our products from Afghanistan, our dresses can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. We may be able to do rush orders, however there are additional shipping charges.